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SERVE - Community Wellbeing Resilience Project

SERVE is committed to providing the best possible care, well-being, and support to vulnerable adults in the community during the Covid- 19 crisis.

SERVE is in partnership with the Community Resilience Hub set up by the Government which is being led by the District Councils. Our direct crisis service delivery is coordinating and supporting individuals in the community with essential groceries and prescription and hearing aid battery collection, along with 500 wellbeing befriending telephones call being made each week.

The partnership has a network of voluntary organisations including mental health support, family support and finance and benefits advice.
Complex cases are only going to increase in the local community and this project will enable us to prepare and manage the situation effectively and ensure consistent follow up care after the restrictions with social distancing are lifted.

Positive changes for beneficiaries
- Vulnerable adults will feel supported with mental health via virtual online support and telephone befriending
- Families will be supported by a professional team of family support links and youth counselling
- Vulnerable adults will be supported with their universal credit applications and finance/budget management

If partner organisations know of anyone in the community who needs additional support, please get in touch with our Community Wellbeing Resilience Team.

Mental Health, Family or Financial Support contact on Cheryl Smith on 07764 560863 or email