Nene Valley Community Action (a division of Serve) offer a wide range of services. Support (infrastructure) services are available for all VCS groups in the Borough of Wellingborough (click on the Support tab to see). Check out our community projects - Carers support and Befriending project .





Northamptonshire County Council                                            Freecycle

Kettering Voluntary Network                                                    Third Sector magazine

East Northants District Council                                                  Freegle

Wellingborough Borough Council                                               ProHelp

South Northants Volunteer Bureau                                            Phoenix Resource Centre

Northampton Volunteering Centre                                            Contracts Finder                                           

Daventry Volunteer Bureau                                                       Bonitatrust

Corby Voluntary & Community Services                                    CTX

Charity Commission                                                                    Community Builders

My Charity page                                                                          Civil Society

Unltd                                                                                           Sofawise Wellingborough

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